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How Using Social Media Can Help Increase Business

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — It’s no secret that millions of people, and an increasing number of businesses, interact on social media sites on a daily basis, sharing massive amounts of information.

However, the coin laundry industry lacks representation on many social media sites. And because of this, many storeowners are missing out on an effective tool to increase their business.


One way to increase store traffic is to offer Facebook-fan-only specials. For example, some vended laundries offer free dry when the customer tells the attendant that he or she is a fan of the store’s Facebook page. Others provide insider scoops, offering details on special rates during specific hours.

But if you want your page to be successful, posting specials alone won’t do. Look for funny video clips related to laundry, or ask your fans questions such as which laundry detergents they prefer. Your fan page will not only help you increase traffic, but by capturing the voice of the customer, it can also help you improve your store’s competitiveness.

When you set up your page, make sure you allow fans the opportunity to write on your wall. The essence of social media is to allow people to interact. If you only allow yourself to post comments, your page will be no more than a Web advertisement.


While you’re on Facebook updating your own page, don’t forget to search for your competitors. Ask your distributor for a listing, then use the search field to find out if they have a fan page.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to be friends with my competitor?”

It’s simple. You always want to stay abreast of what the competition is doing. Why not get a leg up by viewing their Facebook page? And, if their page is performing well, you can get ideas on how to improve your own. Additionally, see who “likes” their page, and ask them to “like” your page.

There are a few stores using social media the correct way, whose pages you can look at to get an idea of what your fan page should resemble. The next time you’re on Facebook, check out some coin laundries that are doing it right: Morton Coin Laundry in Morton, Ill.; San Fernando Majers Coin Laundry in San Fernando, Calif.; Town Tub Coin Laundry in Waterford, Mich.; and All Clean Coin Laundry in Winter Park, Fla.

Don’t get left in the dark; start using social media today to help increase your store’s business potential.

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