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WASHINGTON — Maintaining an online presence and utilizing new technologies for business operations is becoming the norm for many small-business owners, according to the National Small Business Association’s (NSBA) 2013 Small Business Technology Survey.

The survey aims to provide “detailed insight on how small business is faring in today’s ever-changing technology landscape” and “clarity on how small-business owners utilize technology,” according to the NSBA.

The 2013 report found an overall increase in interest in “new technology” among small-business owners, with 70% saying that “keeping up with new technology” is “very” important to the success of the company, up 5% from 2010.

More and more small-business owners are also conducting business on the go, according to the report, as 74% of respondents say they utilize smartphones, up from 57% in 2010.

The majority of small-business owners surveyed (82%) say they maintain a “traditional website,” while 11% say they do not; 6% say they have a website “in development.”

Social media usage has also gone up, according to the report.

“Social media continues to play a growing role in many small businesses’ online strategy,” says David Ickert, NSBA chair, and Todd McCracken, NSBA president and CEO. “Today, just 27% [say] they don’t use any social media at all, whereas three years ago, 53% said they didn’t use social media.”

Social networking site Facebook, for example, saw an increase in usage among small-business owners, according to the study, with 50% of respondents utilizing the site, up from 33% in 2010.

To view the complete report, click HERE.


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