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LAS VEGAS — Clean ’07 wraps up today. It’s the last chance for attendees to view the exhibits. Considering the number of exhibits, you need to make use of every moment.LARGE DRYER, SMALL WASHERA larger Huebsch dryer and a smaller IPSO washer-extractor (14 pounds) were drawing attention at the Alliance Laundry Systems booth.Huebsch has introduced a 55-pound drying tumbler that fits through a 36-inch doorway. It follows the Super Twinstar 45-pound stack tumbler (shown). It stands as the largest-capacity tumbler on the market utilizing axial airflow, the company says. The tumbler is a foot shorter than its 50-pound counterpart, and the cylinder also features oblong perforations to allow drywall-size screws to pass through harmlessly.IPSO’s new hard-mount IWF line includes 14-, 18-, 30-, 40-, 50- and 75-pound models. The high-speed G-force extraction of the IWF models helps laundries cut drying times and utility costs, the company says.The 14-pound model holds particular distinction as one of the few hard-mount, single-load machines available in the United States, the company adds.IPSO has also introduced a 45-pound stack tumbler at the Clean Show.TIME IS MONEYWhen it comes to washers, Pellerin Milnor Corp. wants to reduce water usage and deliver faster turns. To do this, it offers GreenTurn formulas for its coin laundry machines.Basically, Pellerin Milnor Corp. has taken its existing seven formulas — with times ranging from 20 to 36 minutes — and created a second set of those same formulas with times ranging from 18 to 29 minutes. The company has also eliminated some formula steps and reduced hot water usage in those formulas to help conserve utility costs.Storeowners can choose either formula set. This feature will be available in August on all new Milnor Visionex and Milnor Classic C4E machines. 

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