Oldest R&B Wire Products Cart Still in Use after 49 Years


R&B Wire contest.
Matt Mathieu purchased this R&B cart in 1962, making it 49 years old.

SANTA ANA, Calif. — Matt Mathieu, Highlander Center Laundry, Jacksonville, Ill., won R&B Wire Products’ “Oldest R&B Laundry Cart Contest” with a cart purchased in 1962 and still in use daily, says Rick Rawlins, R&B Wire Products CEO.

Second place went to Brad Banta, Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) Golf & Spa Resort, and third went to Paula Knapik, Rockford (Ill.) Washer.

Mathieu will receive six R&B 100 CEC laundry carts, Banta three carts and Knapik one.

“We are very pleased with the outstanding response to the ‘Oldest R&B Cart Contest,’ and want to thank everyone who participated for their support,” says Frank Rowe, R&B vice president of sales and marketing. “This was a fun way to celebrate our 65th anniversary and tie it in with Clean ’11. There was some tough competition out there.”


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