New York State Laundromat Chain Saves Money by Upgrading Lighting

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Colonial Laundromats, a family-owned chain of laundries in Central New York, is saving more than $54,234 per year after indoor fluorescent lighting upgrades at 23 of its facilities and outdoor LED pole lighting upgrades at 17 facilities, according to SmartWatt Energy, the company that performed the work.

The provider of turnkey energy-efficiency solutions performed the upgrades via the National Grid Small Business Services Program, resulting in a National Grid rebate of more than $104,000 and interest-free financing for two years.

SmartWatt Energy conducted a complimentary analysis of all indoor and outdoor lighting and proposed a plan to replace Colonial Laundromats’ interior T-12 fluorescent lighting with a high-efficiency fluorescent lighting system and exterior metal halide pole lighting with a more efficient LED pole lighting system.

According to National Grid, Colonial Laundromats is looking at an average payback period of less than 22 months.

The National Grid Small Business Services Program helps businesses, with an average peak demand of 100 kW or less per month, conduct energy-efficient upgrade measures. National Grid pays up to 70% of installation costs and finances the remaining amount interest-free for up to two years.


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