New York Coin Laundry Cleans Clothes for ‘Unstoppable’

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SALAMANCA, N.Y. — PJ’s Laundry in Salamanca, N.Y., is providing laundry service for approximately 300 members of the cast and crew of the movie “Unstoppable,” starring Denzel Washington.The movie, a 20th Century Fox drama about a runaway train carrying toxic chemicals, is slated for release next year. Portions of the movie are being filmed in the area and surrounding cities.“They just called us out of the blue,” Pauline John, owner of PJ’s Laundry, told the Salamanca Press. “They (filming officials) asked us if we would be able to handle doing laundry for 300 people every day for a month.”As part of the month-long contract, PJ’s Laundry employees will make daily trips to Olean, N.Y.; Bradford, Pa.; Coudersport, Pa.; and Emporium, Pa., to pick up and drop off loads of laundry.John has added 15 staff members to handle the additional workload, with employees tackling the 300 loads of laundry after the store closes in the evening and providing one-day turnaround, the Salamanca Press says.“We have the crew come in after we close, so they will have all the laundry machines available,” John told the paper. “The crew will work through the night so we can deliver the laundry back the next day.”The identities of the owners of the laundry being processed are kept secret, as well as the locations of the famous actors involved with the shoot. PJ’s Laundry employees don’t know whose laundry they’re doing, the Salamanca Press says. 

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