A New Vending Option: Higher Profits, Higher Customers?

Paul Partyka |

LAS VEGAS — While drinks and snacks remain the staple of coin laundry vending, some owners have been a bit bolder when it comes to vending offerings. If you’re looking to make a few dollars while relaxing and energizing your customers at the same time, you might be interested in putting in an aroma oxygen vender. One company is offering a machine designed to make oxygen-enriched air from the atmosphere, meaning there is no stocking or refilling necessary.The enriched air should energize and relax people at the same time, the company says. The company claims it can even maximize one's fat-burning ability because it speeds up a person's metabolism.As an extra bonus, an aroma headset allows the user to choose one of a variety of “flavors,” including peppermint, coffee or chocolate, which are designed to enhance the experience. The sessions are $5 for 10 minutes.Some people even believe that oxygen-enriched air is the perfect cure for a hangover. Will some operators take a shot a providing clean clothes and a clear head? 

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