Mystery Couple Plays Santa for Laundry Employees, Customers

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DAYTON, Ohio — An anonymous couple played Santa for eight customers and two employees at Spin City Laundromat in Dayton, Ohio, giving each of them a holiday card containing a $100 bill.“They were dressed conservatively,” Holly Dunlap, an employee, told Dayton Daily News. “The woman had on a long black dress and a bonnet, and the man was dressed in black.” She said they didn’t say a word as they handed out the cards, which said, “Merry Christmas,” and on the inside read, “Happy holidays and many happy days to follow. Jesus loves you!”When the gift recipients realized what they had in their hands, a few caught the couple at the door before they could leave and hugged and thanked them. The couple reportedly answered with, “You’re welcome,” and “Merry Christmas.”Dunlap, who lost her job about a year ago in California and has been working at the laundry since this summer, told the Dayton Daily News that she plans to use the money for her new career path — she’s studying to be a dental hygienist.“It will help pay for college this quarter,” she said. “Maybe pay for my books.” 

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