Most Operators Believe They Influence Customer Behavior, Wire Survey Says

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CHICAGO — Nearly 84% of respondents to American Coin-Op's most recent Wire survey say they are successful at getting customers to do what they want. Ten percent of respondents aren’t sure if this is true, and only 6% admit that they aren’t successful in this area.SIGNAGE, MARKETINGIt’s nearly a split decision when it comes to the effectiveness interior signage. Forty-eight percent of respondents believe their signage is effective, while 39% say theirs isn’t. Thirteen percent aren’t sure if customers pay attention or not.Owners often try to spice up their business with specials, promotions, coupons, etc. Do these things work? Once again, it’s a split verdict. Thirty-eight percent say their customers are receptive to these marketing offers, while 34% say their customers don’t take advantage of them. Twenty-eight percent aren’t sure if their offers are effective.SLOW TIMESA majority of operators (54.8%) say they aren’t able to shift heavy weekend business to slower days. Twenty-six percent of respondents have been able to shift some of their business to weekdays, and 19.4% aren’t sure about their effectiveness.Every laundry has machines that aren’t used as much. Fifty-five percent of respondents say they can get their customers to use certain washers or dryers, while 26% say customers won’t budge from their favorite equipment. Nineteen percent aren’t sure if they can convince customers to use certain washers and dryers.LISTEN UPThree-quarters of respondents believe their customers listen to attendants. Thirteen percent say customers don’t listen to them, and 12% aren’t sure if what the attendants say matters.Fifty-eight percent say customers respect their store (by keeping it clean, etc.) and 26% say this kind of respect doesn’t exist at their stores. Sixteen percent aren’t sure.ONE WISHWe asked Wire subscribers, “If you could get your customers to do one thing, what would it be?” “Visiting the store on slower days,” was the No. 1 response at 30%, and “Keeping the store clean,” came in second at 26.7%. “Paying attention to signage,” was the third most popular response. One person simply said, “Spend more money.”Subscribers to American Coin-Op’s Wire e-mails — distributed weekly — are invited to participate in an industry survey each month. The survey is conducted online via a partner website. Each survey is developed so it can be completed in 10 minutes or less. Readers are encouraged to participate, as a greater number of responses will help to better define operator opinions and industry trends.Click here and follow the menu instructions to sign up for the free e-mail service. 

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