Mint Starts to Push Dollar Coin Usage

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WASHINGTON — If businesses want to slowly start dabbling in dollar coins, the United States Mint is ready to provide a helping hand. The U.S. Mint has introduced a program to ship circulating presidential dollar coins directly to retail establishments, financial institutions and members of the public.The $1 Coin Direct Ship Program provides individualized service to the financial community and other interested parties who wish to acquire $1 coins at face value in smaller quantities than currently available to financial institutions.The coins will be available in 25-coin rolls packaged in quantities of 10 rolls per box, priced at $250 face value. Customers may order up to 500 $1 coins (two boxes) within any given presidential dollar coin issuance period. The United States Mint will pay shipping and handling fees on orders delivered via standard shipping methods.The U.S. Mint is initiating this program to proactively comply with a directive in the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 to remove barriers and improve circulation of the $1 coin.Market research conducted by the U.S. Mint found that some retailers and smaller banks would prefer to obtain the dollar coins in small quantities.Customers may order the dollar coins at its website,$1coin or call 800-872-6468. 

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