Mac-Gray Campus Solutions Launches Clean & Green Vision on Earth Day

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WALTHAM, Mass. — Mac-Gray Campus Solutions launched its Clean & Green Vision awareness campaign, which helps inform college students about water conservation, in conjunction with Earth Day, April 22.Mac-Gray Campus Solutions, a division of Mac-Gray Corp., provides laundry facilities management services for more than 500 colleges and universities.Mac-Gray Campus Solutions is conducting its “Celebrate Earth” student outreach program through Mac-Gray’s LaundryView online laundry room monitoring system. The system is installed in more than 2,000 laundry rooms and has the potential to reach nearly 400,000 students, the company says.LaundryView asks students how they save water and reduce energy consumption throughout the year, and in exchange for their participation, students receive a “Celebrate Earth” T-shirt.LaundryView also displays a water-savings meter showing the number of gallons saved since 2006 in laundries where Mac-Gray has installed high-efficiency washing machines. So far, the company has saved more than 1.5 billion gallons of water, Mac-Gray says, and it has set a goal of 500 million gallons saved annually.“Thousands of students visit each month, making it an excellent forum to convey valuable messages about energy and water conservation to the students who use our machines,” says Stewart MacDonald, chairman and chief executive officer of Mac-Gray.Other components of Mac-Gray’s Clean & Green Awareness campaign include a Clean & Green Vision website (, Clean & Green signage that offers tips on eco-friendly laundering habits, participation in campus and community sustainability fairs, hybrid service vehicles, and e-mail campaigns to remind students about the importance of conservation.“We are seizing an opportunity for Mac-Gray to raise environmental awareness among students,” says Kourtney Barnes, sustainability coordinator at Mac-Gray. “Ultimately, we believe the whole world will benefit when students fully understand the impact choices made in the laundry room can have on the environment.” 

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