Li Opens Doors to San Francisco Laundromat


Lily's Laundromat

With her experience in finance and knowledge of the laundry industry, Lily Li (left), with husband Sebastian Neo, recently opened Lily Laundromat in the Mission District of San Francisco. (Photo: Bryan Maxwell/Western State Design)

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SAN FRANCISCO – Operations are in full swing here for Lily Li and her recently opened Lily Laundromat.

Li is no stranger to the laundry industry, as she previously worked in finance for Trinity Capital, a business that specializes in financing laundries and dry cleaners.

With her business savvy and knowledge of the laundry industry, Li decided to leave her job in finance to manage Lily Laundromat with her husband, Sebastian Neo.

The couple reached out to Bryan Maxwell, regional sales manager at laundry equipment distributor Western State Design, to broker the deal for their coin laundry, assist in processing necessary city permits and ultimately help them acquire and purchase new laundry equipment for the store, including Dexter washers.

Two months after Li and her husband signed the lease for the laundry, Lily Laundromat was open for business.

Located off Bryant Street, Lily Laundromat is settled in the Mission District of San Francisco, and caters to both a young renter and low-income population.

In terms of the most satisfying aspect of running their business, Neo says he likes “the joy of interacting with customers.”

In addition to providing customers with a clean laundry space, Lily Laundromat also offers complimentary Wi-Fi so that customers “can make the most of their time waiting for their laundry to finish,” says Western State Design.


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