Letter to the Editor: Having the Right Distributor Makes a World of Difference

Years ago, my father passed away, and at the time, he owned two stores. I was forced to take over the business. I found it interesting and difficult at times.The interesting part was learning aspects of the business that my father took care of on his own. The difficult part was my encounter with the distributor my father dealt with for years. I needed assistance with repairs and found myself at their mercy.I found out later what scam artists they were. I was billed for parts that were never repaired or replaced. I was billed for hours that were never serviced.I live by the motto, “live and learn.” I was not disillusioned though — I went on to attend classes and learn the business with the help of an honest and trusting person who later became my business partner.We now have five stores together and a 15,000-square-foot warehouse that we utilize for equipment we refurbish and sell to Mexico and Central America. The distributorship is on its last leg and has suffered greatly from its business practices.I am proud to have D&M as my current distributor and have had nothing but great experiences with them. Karma is a great thing. 

Theresa FerroKalco Laundry 


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