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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service Adds New Partners

HappyNest brand welcomes more California locations

EAST GREENWICH, R.I. — Tech-enabled laundry pickup and delivery service HappyNest is continuing to expand with the recent addition of two California locations, the company reports.

The new partners are Bart Duren, who owns Laundry City in Fresno, and Rhett Bray, owner of Speedwash Laundromat and Water Store in Orange.

Duren has been in the laundry industry for five years and is also a full-time lineman with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Managing his time between businesses is important and he relies on his family for help with the Laundromat when he can’t be there. Duren’s daughters Brianae, Brittani, Brandee and Bria, along with his father Terry and mother Janet Simon, will be involved in the HappyNest side of the business.

“Ultimately, I would like to dedicate all of my efforts on the Laundromat and our new brand HappyNest but for now, I know both are in ... sturdy, reliable hands,” Duren says.

“California became a big growth market in Q4 2020 and that expansion is continuing into 2021,” says HappyNest founder John MacKrell. “We are excited to launch the Fresno market and thrilled to have Bart, his team and his family joining HappyNest.”

Bray has owned his Orange Laundromat the past three years and ventured into pickup and delivery in 2020 with limited success.

“I knew the market for pickup and delivery in Orange County was gaining steam and I wanted to be a part of it but I wasn’t sure who was best to align with,” Bray says. “After a few months of marketing my delivery service with limited results, I pulled back the reins financially to re-evaluate my options.”

After consulting with a current HappyNest partner, Bray was convinced he needed to get on board. From there, the HappyNest team built a service area based on demographics “that should be a home run for us both,” he adds.

“Once again, we have found a great partner who will complement our converting Springboard licensees in the Orange County area of California,” says MacKrell. “Rhett comes to HappyNest with pickup and delivery experience. Couple that with our existing market presence and a robust marketing initiative and 2021 will get off to a roaring start.”

While both Laundry City and Speedwash Laundromat and Water Store continue to service their existing self-serve and drop-off customers, they now offer pickup and delivery in their respective service areas through HappyNest.