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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service Adds More Partners

HappyNest brand welcomes Nebraska, Texas locations

EAST GREENWICH, R.I. — Tech-enabled laundry pickup and delivery service HappyNest is continuing to expand with the addition of new locations in Nebraska and Texas last month, the company reports.

Chris Kober owns The Clothes Hamper serving the greater Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, areas. He’s been in the laundry industry for more than five years and has been offering pickup and delivery under the Life Without Laundry brand for the past three.

“We have been rather successful building our Life Without Laundry brand locally but I know there is greater opportunity partnering with a national brand as far as marketing efforts, customer call centers, training and buying power,” says Kober.

“We have several laundry owners who have been using our Springboard platform to manage their local pickup and delivery service who have been very successful growing this piece of their business,” says HappyNest founder John MacKrell, “and it makes sense for both parties to come together under one umbrella to grow a national brand.”

“After speaking with John and his team, looking at my monthly costs and growth rate, I came to realize this revenue share model made more sense in the long run,” Kober adds.

Stephanie Arnett owns Lavanderia Gigante in the Houston, Texas, area. She has been in the laundry industry for 20 years, specializing in the pickup and delivery business for the past three years under the Inner Loop Laundry brand.

As an early adopter in the pickup and delivery business, Arnett built a loyal client base without spending a great deal on digital marketing. But as local competition has grown and marketing small businesses has evolved, she’s realized there are vast advantages to partnering with a national brand.

“I think partnering with HappyNest will provide my business more recognition through Instagram and Facebook, and the ability to pool advertising and SEO resources across fellow HappyNest partners,” Arnett says. “I am also excited to take advantage of the HappyNest customer service feature to free up much of the daily tasks that arise.”

“We already have a terrific partner in Glenn Catlin serving the metro Houston area so to have Stephanie join us to serve the inner loop community is a huge win for HappyNest,” says MacRell.