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Laundry Owners Warehouse is Expanding Facility Again

Plans to further grow its used equipment refurbishing process

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Coin laundry sales and supply distributor Laundry Owners Warehouse is expanding its facility to 18,000 square feet to further strengthen and enhance its operation, the company reports.

The move marks the sixth expansion for the distributor, paying the way for more sustainable and centralized operations and better solutions for its partners. It allows the company to offer better service to customers and deliver more products across the country, says President Joshua Prager.

“Our aim with this expansion is to strengthen our operations and services to provide state-of-the-art solutions to ‘Laundroteurs’ and customers alike,” Prager says. “We had been considering an expansion for a long time. The timing felt right and the need for having a bigger facility came naturally, aligning with Laundry Owners Warehouse’s growth and family of Laundromat owners who trust us.”

The company plans to use the facility to further expand its used equipment refurbishing process.

“Many of our Laundromat partners are now choosing to buy refurbished equipment because it comes at a comparatively lower price but with trust and assurance from Laundry Owners Warehouse,” says Prager. “Our commitment to quality and sustainability is being realized with this expansion.”

The company offers new and refurbished laundry equipment, replacement parts for various makes and models, supplies for Laundromat operations along with service and maintenance solutions.