Laundry Likely to Get Assistance with $149,000 Sewer Bill

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MARATHON, Fla. — The Marathon, Fla., City Council assured residents that the city plans to figure out a way to help the local Maytag Clean Laundry mitigate a $149,000 sewer bill. (Editor’s note: see previous story, City Gives Laundry $260K Sewer Bill after Fire.)Many residents spoke on behalf of Donna Farmer, Maytag Clean Laundry owner, at a recent City Council meeting, as the council sought to finalize central sewage fees for all residents. The Maytag Clean Laundry — closed indefinitely after a recent fire — is the last coin laundry in the city.“I just feel it’s a community issue at this point,” Farmer told the Florida Keys Keynoter. “It’s not about me, it’s about having a service that we need.”The council has approved a $5,730 hookup fee for each single-family home. The fees for commercial properties are based on their three biggest consecutive months of water use from 2004 to 2007. This leaves the Maytag Clean Laundry with a $149,000 sewer charge.The owner of the property on which the Maytag Clean Laundry sits, Ed Putz, has filed an appeal of the assessment with the city.“We’re going to do what’s best and fair for everyone,” Marathon Mayor Mike Cinque told the Keynoter. “We work for the citizens of Marathon, and we’re going to do what we can.” 

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