Laundry Concert Tour Kicks Off

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BARDSTOWN, Ky. — Things will certainly be a bit livelier tonight at Mr. Tubs in Bardstown, Ky. That laundry will be the first stop on Matthew Fogle’s six-state “Spring Cleaning Tour ´08.” Fogle, an acoustic rock musician, plans on entertaining coin laundry customers in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois and Tennessee from March 24 until April 17.While this laundry concert tour is a first, Fogle says it’s been on his mind for about a year. “There’s a Laundromat right near my apartment, and when I passed by one day, I just thought it would be a fun idea,” Fogle says. “I knew I had to wait until spring and call it the Spring Cleaning Tour!”Fogle will perform at 16 laundries, concluding the tour at a second Bardstown store. “I looked for the creative-named laundries, and also the laundries that were most enthused about the idea. [Many owners] were enthused about the idea. But honestly, I have no idea where I’m going, ha ha.”Fogle has been playing music for more than 11 years and recently went solo after playing lead guitar for several rock bands since 1998. Last year, he released “On the Brink,” an 11-track CD with all original compositions.What type of reception does he expect from laundry customers? “I have no honest clue. In Bardstown, I’ll be fine because my friends and family are likely to show up, but out of state, especially, I’m hoping customers will enjoy the short burst of acoustic entertainment.”For full tour information, go to

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