Laundromat Home to Community-Based Arts Program for Low-Income Families

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NEW YORK CITY — A community-based non-profit organization dedicated to delivering art programs to low-income families uses the local Laundromat as its gathering place.

Understanding that creativity is a “central component of healthy human beings, vibrant neighborhoods and thriving economies,” The Laundromat Project brings art programs to where neighbors already are.

For example, the Project hosted Sunday afternoon drop-in workshops this summer at The Laundry Room in Harlem.

Its Work in Progress focuses on community-centered arts education through hands-on workshops and public programs. Create Change is a public art residency program; participants are charged with creating an art project that is socially relevant to their local coin-op and actively engaging neighbors and fellow laundry patrons to participate in the process.

The Project's major goal is to one day purchase a Laundromat that will function as its home and as a community arts center.


Thank you!

Thanks so much for this mention!  We are proud of our work that connects art, artists and communities in neighborhood coin-ops all across greater New York City & Philadelphia. We are particularly focused on communities of color living on modest incomes and hope to connect imagination and social change through art.  We invite your readers to find out more about our work on our website:

Kemi Ilesanmi

Executive Director

The Laundromat Project


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