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KioSoft Mobile App Surpasses 2 Million Users Worldwide

Example of contactless payment alternatives gaining market traction

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. — Unattended payment systems provider KioSoft reports that its mobile app for laundry payments, CleanPay Mobile, has surpassed 2 million users around the globe and continues to experience rapid expansion.

It’s a prime example of contactless alternatives gaining traction in the market, the company says, as indicated by end-user adoption levels, customer satisfaction, and its market share worldwide.

KioSoft says the iOS and Android app has gained “significant traction” in the wake of the pandemic, during which coin shortages presented new challenges for laundry users. In a period of nine months, the number of CleanPay Mobile users doubled from 1 million to 2 million, according to the company.

KioSoft has been in the electronic payments space since 2002 and specializing in the residential and retail laundry industry since 2013.

Its app offers a convenient and simple way to pay for laundry in residential laundry rooms and retail laundromats. Specially designed for the industry, the mobile wallet with stored account balance enables laundromat customers or multi-housing residents to activate machines, view machine availability, receive cycle-completion alerts and more.

Meanwhile, laundry operators benefit from having broader customer payment options, owning customer data, accessing cloud-based reporting and management tools, and more.