John Adams $1 Coin Released

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Are you seeing any of the new George Washington $1 coins at your laundries? Well, it looks like Washington has a little company now. A presidential $1 coin featuring John Adams went into circulation yesterday. A ceremonial launch and coin exchange in Adams’ home of Quincy, Mass., takes place May 22.After its experience with the George Washington $1 coin, the U.S. Mint anticipates customer demand to be brisk for the new John Adams $1 coin. Research commissioned by the Mint shows that about half of Americans surveyed are interested in collecting the $1 coins.Thomas Jefferson will be the final president to grace the coin in 2007. Starting next year, four more presidents will appear on the coin each year.In addition to the presidential coins, the Mint will also continue to issue Sacagawea dollar coins. At least one third of the dollar coins issued in each year of the program must be Sacagawea coins.The new dollar coins came about as a result of Senate Bill 1047, which was introduced in the U.S. Senate in 2005. President Bush signed it into law in December 2005.


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