OSHKOSH, Wis. — Your first step to stellar signage is to understand the different categories — dynamic and static — and the purposes they fulfill.

Easy to control and modify quickly, dynamic signs typically come in the form of digital signs that can be placed nearly anywhere. They are especially good for advertising promotions, services and hours of operation. Because content is always changing, consumers pay close attention. This signage can be mounted on buildings or poles, requires electrical power to operate, and is typically cost-effective.

Static signage doesn’t change. It’s permanent and can be placed just about anywhere. This type of signage can be hung, wall- or pole-mounted, adhered to windows, placed on top of bulkheads or stuck onto laundry equipment itself. Static signs can also illuminate for nighttime impact.

The next step is to think about the different sign types, whether they should be static or dynamic, and whether or not you need or want them.

Big Exterior Sign — Two predominate exterior signs immediately establish a laundry’s location and brand. Ideally, a business should invest in a pylon sign, which is double-sided and freestanding on a pole. Pylon signs located close to the street are elevated above obstructions and draw attention from passersby and drivers. Locate another sign on the building itself, either mounted to a wall or printed on a canopy. The message and logo must be easy to see and quick to read. If you have large windows, consider using graphics there.

Vehicle Wrap — If your laundry’s services take you out and about, consider investing in a vehicle wrap. This wrap allows you to spread your services and message well beyond home base, and into areas thick with the customers to whom you cater. Generally speaking, vehicle wraps last for years.

Monitor Signage — A great way to utilize a TV screen or monitor is by using it inside the laundry to announce promotions and services. You can create different slides or videos to display. The ever-changing content captures attention inside the store.

Detail Signage — These are all the little signs inside and outside the laundry that clarify information and directions, including parking, machine operation, card system operation, services, where to find coupons, hours of operation, entries and exits, etc.

Before developing any signage, perform an extensive walk-about of the property, preferably with line drawings in hand (or sketch it out on a notepad). Start out on the street(s) bordering your business, continue into the parking lot, then walk completely around the exterior perimeter. Determine what signage is beneficial on your front door, windows and any blank exterior walls. Proceed inside and map out signage needs on bulkheads, bathroom doors, TV monitors, walls and machines.

Working with an experienced marketing agency will enable you to receive a project quote and creative suggestions, plus get help staying on budget.