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Homemade Bomb Found at Laundry

SHEBOYGAN FALLS, Wis. — A live, homemade bomb was recently found at a Sheboygan Falls, Wis., drycleaner/laundry and was safely disarmed by the bomb squad, the Sheboygan Press reports.Store employees called the police after finding the bomb in a load of clothing. The building was evacuated and police found the explosive, which was less than 12 inches long and had a wick attached to it. It was determined that the explosive was stable enough to move away from the area. Normally, the explosive would not have been removed, but there were working machines at the site, and there was heat and static electricity in the building, according to the police.Three Milwaukee bomb squad technicians dismantled the bomb and turned it over to the police. The explosive, which was sent to the state crime lab for further testing, could have caused substantial injury or damage to the business, the technicians reported. 

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