Home Washer, Dryer Shipments Continue to Decline in December

Jason Hicks |

WASHINGTON — People may be turning to coin laundries more, as factory shipments of major appliances fell 11.7% in December, with almost all categories of white goods experiencing double-digit declines, according to the latest data compiled by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).Total shipments for 2008 fell 8.9% year over year to 68.2 million units.Laundry slipped nearly 11% to 1.4 million washers and dryers. Shipments were down 10.3% for washers and 11.7% for dryers, with electric dryers taking the biggest hit with a 12.5% decline.Total laundry shipments were down 6.8% for 2008. 

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