The Great Panty Raid?

COLFAX, Wash. — While this industry has received its share of bad press in the past, “unusual” laundry-related behavior isn’t restricted to coin laundries. Two bizarre laundry room tales recently surfaced.In Colfax, Wash., a man is looking at one-and-a-half months in jail after admitting he stole 93 pounds of women’s undergarments. The individual, who pled guilty, was charged with first-degree theft and burglary in the stealing of 1,613 pairs of panties, bras and other women’s underwear from laundry rooms. Police said a search of his bedroom turned up enough women’s underwear to fill five garbage bags. Police had previously received 12 reports of panty thefts in the northeast part of Pullman, where Washington State University is located.An even stranger story, if that’s possible, has emerged from an apartment building laundry room in Madison, Wis. Repeated discoveries of human feces in clothing and other items left in the laundry room have resulted in charges being brought against a 19-year-old man. The man was arrested after a woman whose laundry had been soiled chased him back to his apartment in the adjoining building. Residents reported finding feces in shoes and boots in an apartment hallway and in washing machines where it soiled several items. The individual was charged with three counts of disorderly conduct, three counts of criminal damage to property and one count of bail jumping.What is the strangest thing that has ever happened in your coin laundry? Leave a comment on this page. 


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