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TROY, Pa. — The mere mention of natural gas is enough to cause nightmares for some in the self-service laundry industry. Now, natural-gas workers and their greasy clothing have one Pennsylvania Laundromat owner fuming.Troy Schoenly wants no part of this dirty laundry, and has put up signs to that effect. Schoenly also operates a car wash, and doesn’t want natural-gas workers bringing their dirty trucks to his business. Car-wash signage is also used to convey this message.Schoenly says the workers’ oily, greasy clothes are leaving washers covered with grease. As a result, he has had to disassemble washers because he couldn’t clean them just by wiping the inside out. He suggests letting commercial uniform companies handle the cleaning.Similar cleaning issues are occurring at his car wash, which is attached to the Laundromat. He claims natural-gas workers washing their vehicles are leaving piles of mud in the bays, causing problems for his local customers who just want to rinse their cars off.The owner of a nearby laundry says he will stay on top of any messes caused by the oily, greasy clothing, and welcomes the extra business from natural-gas workers. 

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