Grant Program Promotes Energy Efficiency

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WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) new Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program promotes the efficient use of energy and can be used for projects such as auditing and retrofitting commercial and residential buildings.The $3.2 billion in grants represents part of the estimated $32.7 billion in technology stimulus dollars allocated to the department.Nearly $2.7 billion of the funds will be distributed through formula grants directed to local and state governments. Cities and counties will receive nearly $1.9 billion, states and territories will receive nearly $770 million, and tribal governments will get $55 million. State and local governments may use the funds to create financial incentive programs for improvements that enhance energy efficiency.Other activities eligible for grant funding include transportation programs that conserve energy, projects to reduce and capture greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy installations on government buildings, and the deployment of energy-efficient traffic signals and streetlights. 

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