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FreshSpin Laundry Service to Expand to Southeast

Tampa in September, other locales in planning stages

TAMPA, Fla. — On-demand laundry service FreshSpin will be expanding its service to Tampa and its surrounding areas in September, the company reports, and is planning to expand its wash-and-fold delivery service to other states, such as Texas and Georgia.

Founded in November 2019, FreshSpin is a tech-enabled laundry pickup and delivery service based in New York. Through an integrated app, users can request custom laundry service. On the heels of company growth during beta testing, FreshSpin is expanding its service to the southern United States.

“Since its inception, FreshSpin’s aim has been to provide an affordable service for its customers while providing quality,” says Kenneth Acquah, president of FreshSpin. “We have accomplished this in New York and look forward to extending that to the people of Tampa. Focusing on our quality control and next-day delivery, customers are able to rest easy and utilize their additional free time.”

“We’re very excited to be expanding to the Southeast, starting with Tampa,” adds Vice President Hassan Patterson.

Using the FreshSpin app, customers can seamlessly and easily place their custom wash-and-fold order. They’re able to choose their wash preferences, pickup/delivery dates, take a picture of and provide comments about any specific stains, and more.

Each customer’s laundry is picked up and done by FreshSpin’s employees, ensuring product quality and service timeliness.

“Many of our peers outsource their laundry to third parties and other laundromats,” Acquah says. “That kind of model creates for a breakdown in quality control, which is something that we have always wanted to avoid.”

FreshSpin’s app can be found on Apple App Store, Google Play, or on the company’s website.