Exhibitors Bring Efficiency to Clean '09

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NEW ORLEANS — Everyone benefits when it comes to efficient equipment. Owners see a reduction in costs, and customers benefit by being able to finish their wash chores in a shorter time. Maytag Commercial Laundry is doing its part by displaying some of its most energy-efficient equipment at the Clean Show.Maytag’s multi-load, soft-mount coin washers are available in 18-, 25- and 35-pound models. The washers are easy to install and operate, and feature high-speed extraction of up to 350 G-force to save energy usage and drying time, the company says.The soft-mount suspension system is designed to eliminate the need to bolt the machines down, so no special floor depth is required. In addition, the advanced microprocessor control provides a large, easy-to-read LCD graphic display with multilingual controls, the company says.Maytag’s pairs the washer with its latest Energy Advantage multi-load stack dryers, which are engineered to save owners nearly 25% in energy and utility costs without increasing the average dry time.The dryer’s axial airflow system, increased insulation and double-paned windows help keep heat contained in the basket, allowing clothes to dry faster, the company says. The dryers use only 28,900 Btu per load — far less than the nearest competitor, the company claims. 

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