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ESD Partners with PayRange for Mobile Payment

Will offer new device designed to upgrade machines with ESD card readers

PORTLAND, Ore. — PayRange Inc., maker of an in-app payment system for unattended retail, reports it has partnered with ESD (Equipment Systems & Devices), a 50-year payments technology company that provides card reader equipment for commercial laundry machines.

Under the exclusive partnership, PayRange will be offering a new “ESD BluKey” device specifically designed to upgrade machines equipped with ESD card readers to include mobile payment capabilities, offers, loyalty, and value-added services at no additional cost to the machine owner.

ESD has approximately 2 million card readers in the field and estimates its active user base at 20 million users who use those machines on a regular basis, according to PayRange.

ESD will provide its engineering expertise in integrating the ESD BluKey solution across thousands of different machine types and models across vended laundry platforms.

The companies will immediately begin jointly marketing the ESD BluKey solution, allowing machine owners to plug in a module in seconds that adds mobile commerce capabilities to the existing installed base. Future developments will include ESD card readers from the factory bundled with PayRange on board.

“We are incredibly excited to announce this partnership with ESD and its customers,” says Michael Kitchen, chief revenue officer of PayRange. “The ability for existing ESD laundry customers to now have the opportunity to upgrade their current laundry and Laundromat machines to accept mobile payment at ‘no cost’ will certainly be a game-changer in the industry.”

“Our interest in mobile apps started several years ago,” says Harvey Gitlin, founder of ESD. “As we thought about the next changes in the vended laundry business, we decided that PayRange is the perfect partner and solution to continue to uphold our high standards of excellence in service and engineering.”