Economic Forecasts One of CLA Conference Highlights

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RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. — Alan Beaulieu, president of ITR Economics, one of the oldest and most respected consulting firms in America, will be providing “accurate, understandable and actionable” economic forecasts to the laundry industry at the Coin Laundry Association’s Excellence in Laundry Conference in October.

Attendees will learn how to enhance their profitability and gain an advantage over their competition by knowing what’s going to happen in the world around them.

Beaulieu will talk about strategies and tactics that should be undertaken now if businesses are to maximize their profit potential for the future.

“You can make decisions with great confidence by knowing which leading indicators to look at,” he says. “Those leading indicators are like road signs. By knowing which road signs to watch, you can gauge the impact of major events and small events on your business with plenty of time to act, to make decisions, to protect your company and to move forward.”

The Excellence in Laundry Conference is scheduled for Oct. 11-13 at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa. More information about the event is available at To learn more about Beaulieu, visit


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