Drycleaning Company Enters Laundry Market with Washer, Closed-Loop Dryer

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NEW ORLEANS — Coin laundry owners looking for something new in the way of washers and dryers would probably not be let down by a stop at Renzacci’s booth at Clean ’09 — unless they think dryers that don’t need an exhaust vent are old hat.Renzacci, a company that many U.S. show attendees may know for its drycleaning equipment, has opened Renzacci Laundry USA, and one of the first pieces of equipment its releasing is the RZ Plus tumbler dryer, which features a closed-loop exhaust system that feeds exhaust air back into the machine.A condenser removes water from the exhaust air before it reenters the machine, and the dryer feeds the warm water into the washers for additional energy savings. Marco Niccolini of Renzacci insists that this isn’t an experimental technology — it’s been used in hundreds of coin and OPL laundries in Europe and Asia for years, but is relatively unheard of in the United States.The closed-circuit drying system solves many installation and energy-source issues, the company says. With no outside vent, it solves many permitting and permission problems, Renzacci says, and the electric-only dryer eliminates monthly gas utility bills.Renzacci also had the High Spin (HS) washer-extractor at the show. This machine is equipped with two payment methods at the same time: a coin slot that takes a combination of coins (not just quarters) and an electronic key that works like a smart card.The washer features programmable pricing that lets owners provide specials, customer retention programs, and more, and the key can be programmed for a different price from the coin slot, helping promote use of the key. 

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