The Dollar Coin: Flubs and Flip Flops

Paul Partyka |

WASHINGTON — If your coin laundry has been receiving dollar coins, keep paying attention. For the second time in four months, the Mint has issued $1 presidential coins without the words “In God We Trust” on the edge. This time it occurred on the new John Adams dollar coins. In addition to this, design changes are being considered for both the Sacagawea dollar and the presidential dollar coinsIn March, a similar mistake (missing “In God We Trust”) occurred with the George Washington dollar coin. The Mint said it would closely monitor the striking process (where the letters are inscribed). There are also reports of Adams coins with double lettering. As usual, the value of the “flubbed” coins depends on how many exist.It’s somewhat ironic that as more coins are found missing the words “In God We Trust,” the U.S. House has changed its mind about how the new dollar coins honoring U.S. presidents should display the national motto, after more than 600 million of them have been produced. An amendment would bar funding for minting $1 coins with the motto on the edge rather than on the face. It’s unclear whether the Senate will go along with the House on this issue.If you thought the Sacagawea dollar was finally on the back burner, you’re wrong. The U.S. House has recently voted to give a new look to the Sacagawea dollar in hopes of reviving interest in the golden coin. Dale Kildee (D-Mich.) sponsored the legislation, and said the design of the Sacagawea coin is one reason it is not as popular as the new presidential coins. The legislation was approved by voice vote. It would make annual changes to the reverse side of the coin to commemorate the achievements of other Native Americans and Indian tribes. 

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