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Distributor Aaxon Laundry Systems Wraps Tech Expo

Keynotes, tech demo, networking experience were among the highlights

MIAMI — Commercial laundry distributor Aaxon Laundry Systems wrapped its Future of Laundromats Tech Expo here in mid-September, describing it as “an immersive day-long experience for Laundromat owners and potential investors.”

The event provided attendees with opportunities to gain critical insight into the laundry industry and to learn more about the newest Huebsch industrial washer/dryer technology, Aaxon Laundromat advancements and industry trends.

The Expo staged at a local hotel showcased keynotes that included a finance presentation by Jason Husman, Aubrey Pollesch and Jason Fleck of Huebsch, covering the topics of Laundromat marketing, point-of-sale (POS) financing, retooling a Laundromat and fully integrated solutions via Huebsch’s Customer Management System.

Besides the keynotes, the Tech Expo included a technology product demonstration and a hands-on networking experience with Aaxon and Huebsch showing store owners how to increase profits, reduce water costs and increase their competitive edge in today’s Laundromat landscape.

“This recent Tech Expo in Miami was one of our best-received and exciting events,” says consultant Frank P. D’Annunzio. “We are proud to be aligned with Huebsch and to be able to both grow together with our customers.”