Commercial Accounts Grow in Popularity, Survey Says

Paul Partyka |

CHICAGO — Will commercial accounts be the next big extra profit center? Two out of three respondents to the most recent Wire survey do some type of commercial work.With larger-capacity washers and dryers more common in today’s coin laundries, offering some type of commercial service seems to make more sense than ever before. Of those not doing commercial work, slightly more than 80% of respondents are considering offering commercial work (not counting traditional drop-off service). Nine percent aren’t interested in doing commercial work, and 9% are not sure if they want to offer the service.Why haven’t operators set up commercial accounts? “I don’t have enough help” is the No. 1 reason (36.4%) followed by “It would interfere with regular business” (18.2%); “I don’t want to solicit business” (9.1%) and “It’s too much work for the money you make” (9.1%).Sixty-five percent of respondents believe commercial business will become a “traditional” extra profit center. Only 13% of respondents believe commercial work won’t become a “traditional” extra profit center, and 22% are not sure about the future of commercial work at coin laundries. 

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