Coin-Op Beautiful: Alaska Laundry Takes Top Honor

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CHICAGO — The Girdwood Laundromat, Girdwood, Alaska, has been named the grand prize winner in the 2008 Coin-Op Beautiful competition. Four other laundries were named special honor winners in the annual competition.Danny Pfister owns the Girdwood Laundromat. The distributor is Automated Laundry Systems & Supply.The four special honors winners (listed in alphabetical order) are:Clean N BrightPulaski, Wis.Owners: Wayne, Linda KuhnDistributor: Commercial Laundry SalesEZ New Web Laundromat and CaféCulver City, Calif.Owner: Marion IlliesDistributor: Automated Laundry SystemsMr. Sudz LaundromatCatskill, N.Y.Owners: Jeffrey Nucey, Clinton BuggDistributors: Statewide Machinery Inc., Morwhite Inc.Newport Wash & TanNewport, Ky.Owner: Andrew ModrallDistributor: Art RoyTen laundries received the honorable mention award. Those laundries are listed in the January issue of American Coin-Op.The contest focuses on the interior store layouts as well as the exterior look. The color schemes, amenities and any other unusual features play a role in the judging. The color schemes in this year’s competition were stunning. Lastly, being practical is a contest factor. Some operators were able to do a lot with limited space.While there has definitely been a trend toward larger, more ornate laundries in recent years, we saw quite a few first-rate, small laundries (fewer than 2,000 square feet) in this year’s competition. We have eliminated the size categories from this competition, but that may change if we continue to get more quality smaller laundry entries.American Coin-Op thanks all the operators, distributors and manufacturers for their assistance with this competition. We believe this competition is a special tradition, and a great way to start off 2008. Is there anything better than showcasing the best the industry has to offer? We also hope that our readers get a few ideas from the winning laundries.The new year has just started; there’s time to upgrade your store!

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