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Coin Laundry Kidnapper Sentenced

ENCINITAS, Calif. — Rick Passmore, who kidnapped a woman at an Encinitas, Calif., coin laundry and held her for more than nine hours was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison.Passmore pleaded guilty last October to kidnapping and carjacking in connection with the abduction.The woman, according to a report compiled by the probation dept., was doing her laundry when the defendant demanded her car keys and threw her to the ground. Passmore, who claimed to have a gun, held the woman in a field behind the coin laundry for an hour, then made her drive him to a park, where she was forced to stay in the car or take walks with him for eight more hours.When Passmore fell asleep, the victim grabbed what turned out to be a toy gun and called police.The defendant had a number of prior drug-related convictions.

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