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CleanCloud Plays Role in Providing Olympics Laundry Service

Partners with Tokyo’s Wash & Fold to manage athlete/delegate cleaning needs

TOKYO — Laundry point-of-sale software provider CleanCloud reports it is partnering with Wash & Fold laundry service to manage all of the cleaning for the athletes and delegates here at the Summer Olympics, which will conclude on Saturday.

The partnership provides CleanCloud’s POS system to Wash & Fold in order to manage the international customer relationships and the cleaning process for the Olympics Games. With such a large event, it’s important to have the best system in place to manage the scale and diversity of clients with an intuitive system.

Wash & Fold, which has over 30 stores across Japan, provides high-quality service and was the clear choice to manage the laundry in the Olympic village, CleanCloud says.

There are roughly 11,700 athletes competing from the 206 countries in the International Olympic Committee.

“We are privileged to have been chosen to provide our world-class solution to support Wash & Fold in this unique opportunity,” says John Buni, CEO of CleanCloud.

Powering businesses in over 80 countries, including the United States, CleanCloud says it focuses on making businesses more efficient, profitable and technologically advanced.