At Clean, Extra-Profit Centers Come in All Sizes, Shapes

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NEW ORLEANS — It’s no secret: Self-service laundry owners seem to have tried any and all extra-profit centers since the industry launched. Vending opportunities, for example, are a laundry tradition, and the Clean Show floor is the ideal place to formulate a vending plan.Looking to go beyond water and soft drinks? Betson Enterprises is showing several Lavazza brewing systems, which deliver espresso and espresso-based beverages at the touch of a button. An array of teas, consommé or hot chocolate can also be prepared.The LB 3212 can make up to eight beverages, espresso and more. It’s available in semi- and fully automatic models, and is 19.3 inches long by 16.1 inches wide by 25.6 inches high.Before the coffee is poured, customers may want to purchase a few cleaning products. Fawn’s new 19-selection Laundry Center (model 2010) can hold 128 items, with the versatility to store everything from small detergent packets to large (22-24 ounce) bottles of bleach. 

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