Clean ’11 Product Debuts: Speed Queen, Heartland MicroPayments, LG


speed queen 125-lb.
Speed Queen’s new 125-pound washer-extractor with the Quantum™ Gold control.


WaveRider Laundry System
Heartland Payment Systems’ WaveRider Laundry System


LG washer-dryer
LG’s washer-dryer.

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LAS VEGAS — Companies often use the Clean Show to unveil new products or services to the industry. Here is a sampling reported to American Coin-Op:

Speed Queen: 125-Pound Vended Washer-Extractor with Control

A new 125-pound washer-extractor fully equipped with the Quantum™ Gold control from Speed Queen will allow coin laundry owners to offer customers a unique choice for washing extremely large loads in a single wash cycle. The machine is ideal for washing extra-large items such as king-size comforters, sleeping bags and rugs.

And with a 140-G-force extraction speed, the washer-extractor removes more water than standard-speed models, Speed Queen says.

When networked, Quantum Gold delivers the power to review store operations in real time as well as adjust programming and pricing, all from anywhere in the world with a computer and Internet connection.

Heartland MicroPayments: Wireless Payments System

Heartland Payment Systems’ MicroPayments Division has unveiled the next generation of its WaveRider Laundry System — a wireless payments and account-management solution, providing laundry facility operators with an affordable, secure method of accepting credit and debit card payments while enhancing convenience for customers, the company says.

The technology is now easier to install, features upgraded reporting capabilities and allows laundry operators to manage their facilities online, from a remote location, Heartland adds.

WaveRider card readers are attached to each washing machine and clothes dryer. Meeting Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards, the system is designed to protect sensitive payment card data. WaveRider eliminates the need for quarters or reliance on closed-loop laundry cards; instead, customers can pay for laundry services using any major credit or debit card in their wallet.

LG: Commercial Washers and Dryers for Coin, Card and OPL

LG Electronics says it has redefined energy efficiency, performance and convenience for commercial laundries in launching a new family of coin, card and on-premise laundry solutions.

LG’s commercial washers and dryers incorporate innovative features and high performance in energy-efficient, durable designs, the company says.

The washers and dryers are stackable, fitting interchangeably in the top or bottom position. Property owners and building managers have the option to stack dryers on washers or dryers on dryers, whichever meets their individual needs.

LG’s commercial washers are designed to perform at least 20,000 cycles compared to the 4,000 cycles residential washers normally offer. They meet the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier 3 requirements, which recognize the most energy-efficient commercial laundry machines in the market.

LG’s AdaptAble™ Control allows placement of user controls at either the top or bottom of the unit, so both panels can be at eye level on stacked units. For additional flexibility, the dryer door is reversible without extra parts.

American Coin-Op will have a full Clean Show report in its July print edition.

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