Cart Maker Collaborates with E-commerce Firm to Reach Larger Market

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ELBERTON, Ga. — California-based R&B Wire Products, a manufacturer of carts widely used in self-service laundries, is collaborating with, an online commerce company that sells rehabilitation and medical supplies, to offer its bushel transport products to a larger consumer market.

“We are very pleased to offer these bushel transport solutions from R&B Wire Products to more consumers,” says Hulet Smith, founder and CEO of Rehabmart. “From wire storage baskets to hampers, privacy screens to garment racks, and utility carts to bushel trucks, we know that all of our customers will be able to find their own storage and transport solutions from the wide variety of high-quality products R&B offers through Rehabmart.

“These products are not only helpful for healthcare, hospitality and laundry facilities, but are great to use at home, too!” Smith adds.

R&B Wire Products has made wire, tubular, poly and vinyl bushel products serving the healthcare, hospitality, laundry, janitorial supply, material handling and car wash sectors since 1946.


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