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The Camera Doesn’t Lie

CHICAGO — If you’re going to visit a self-service laundry for another reason than to deal with dirty clothing, you should think twice about it, especially if a surveillance camera is being utilized.

Police have charged William Logan Jr. after he was reportedly captured on closed-circuit TV using a vacuum cleaner to suck coins out of washing machines in a Lincoln, Neb., laundry room. Three people came forward to say they recognized the man as Logan.

Police contacted Logan and summoned him to appear before court on suspicion of misdemeanor theft.

Surveillance footage shows that, after entering the laundry room, a man removed a vacuum cleaner from a large backpack, pried open a coin tray, plugged in the vacuum and sucked out the change, according to the police.

In Fountain City, Wis., a man stole a security camera from a Laundromat, but didn’t bother taking the tape from another camera, police say.

The man entered the store without any clothes to wash, adjusted one camera and then stole the other one, says the store owner. The thief also may have taken a pile of lost-and-found clothes, the owner adds.

The authorities are using the footage from the tape to try to identify the thief. The camera captured a close-up shot of the man, who was wearing a baseball cap and a red-and- white flannel shirt.

Officers were unable to identify the man in any of the store’s old security footage, Fountain City police say.

The owner of a neighboring business also reviewed the footage, but was unable to identify the man.

surveillance camera

Surveillance Camera

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