California Police Seek Prolific Laundry-Room Burglar


laundry burglary
The burglars ripped the metal coin boxes apart. (Photo: San Luis Obispo, Calif. Police Department)


laundry burglary
The burglars turned several machines upside-down to access the coins. (Photo: San Luis Obispo, Calif. Police Department)

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SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — Since Oct. 1, the San Luis Obispo Police Department has investigated 16 laundry-room burglaries, many of which have occurred at apartment complexes in the southern part of the city.

The suspect uses tools to literally rip the metal coin boxes apart, and has also cut water lines and turned several machines upside-down to access the coins. Numerous machines have been destroyed in the burglaries.

Police are seeking a white or Hispanic male, late 30s or early 40s, approximately 5-foot-9, with dark hair. The suspect fled on a single-speed BMX-type bicycle when confronted by a citizen during one of the burglaries.

San Luis Obispo police are urging citizens to report any suspicious activity in and around laundry rooms in the city.


Lots of luck

I use to have machines in some of my apartments - put camera's in and got video of some low life breaking in to the washers. Even found out who it was and gave the tape to the cops. They used it to get his girlfriend to testify against him on some drug deal. I got nothing! Pulled all my machines out of the apartments and opened my first Laundromat, now have to stores. Lesson learned - you are small potatoes if you're a Landlord, you get alot more attention if you are a business.


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