Brain Wash Café and Laundromat Serves Up New Equipment



Brain Wash Café and Laundromat has been a San Francisco staple since 1989, and has appeared in films and TV, attracting a big international following, according to owner Jeffrey Zalles. (Photo: Western State Design)



Owner Jeffrey Zalles recently upgraded the Brain Wash Café and Laundromat’s equipment with new Dexter laundry machines. (Photo: Western State Design)

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SAN FRANCISCO — Brain Wash Café and Laundromat is no stranger to the San Francisco scene, or to the global community.

Opened in 1989, the Laundromat was once touted as “the most unusual Internet café in the world” by Yahoo!, says laundry equipment distributor Western State Design.

It has made appearances on film and TV, and has garnered a “big international following,” according to owner Jeffrey Zalles. Anyone can check out the store’s happenings on its website through various webcams set up around the café and Laundromat.

With a global eye on the well-known Laundromat and café, Zalles recently updated the store by upgrading its machines to new Dexter laundry equipment.

In addition to conducting his own research, Zalles consulted with his mechanic in deciding which equipment to purchase, says Western State Design.

“It had a major bearing on my decision, because I don’t want machines that are going to break down in a few years,” he says.

Zalles worked closely with Western State Design’s Bryan Maxwell on the project. Since the equipment has been installed, Zalles has noticed “several positive changes,” and that “usage and revenue have increased” at the store.

“There are people who like to hang out here, but there are also people who just come to do their laundry and want to leave,” says Zalles. “So for those people, they love the faster machines, because not only is the wash cycle faster, now the dry times are shorter.

“The customers are out of here 20 to 25 minutes sooner than they used to be, so they like that.”


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