Boa Constrictor Found in New York Laundry

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NEW YORK — An employee at Gracie Laundry in Manhattan recently discovered a four-foot, nine-pound boa constrictor nestled in bags of clothes. After first mistaking the snake for a toy, employees eventually called police and Animal Care and Control to remove it.A wide variety of reptiles and other exotic pets are discovered in need of rescue in the city, according to Jose Ortiz of Animal Care and Control.“You name it, we get it. A couple of [Komodo] dragons, iguanas, goats, pigs, a cow in a yard,” Ortiz told NY1 local news.It turns out, the boa constrictor, named Silky, escaped from an apartment three floors above the Laudromat five months prior.“I missed her a lot,” owner Sury Leguisamon, 17, told NY1 after animal-control workers reunited them. 

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