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CHICAGO — Starting with the January issue, American Coin-Op readers have a new, speedier way to request information about products and services featured in the magazine’s display advertisements and select editorial sections.Printed Reader Service cards have been replaced by an “E-Reader Service.” Each month, shortly after the issue is scheduled to arrive by mail, subscribers who have supplied their e-mail addresses to American Coin-Op will receive a special message.It will include a list of all display advertisers, as well as the companies featured in Product News and the Product Review.Subscribers need only check the boxes beside the companies from which they would like to receive further information, scroll to the bottom of the e-mail, and click the “Submit” button.“Reader Service cards were valuable in their day,” says Charles Thompson, publisher of American Coin-Op, “but today’s coin laundry owner operates in a much faster business climate. Time is money, and we want our readers to be able to get the information they need as quickly as possible.”Their request will be forwarded within 24 hours to the companies they selected, says Jeff Heine, national sales manager for Creative Data Services, which is partnering with American Coin-Op to offer the value-added service. The companies can then reply directly to the subscriber.Heine calls the service “a one-stop shop” for readers to request information using modern technology. “The magazine is helping the reader to do the legwork,” he says. “It gives readers a proactive tool that goes right to their inbox.”To make certain that a spam filter doesn’t block the service, readers should “whitelist” the e-mail address [email protected] with their e-mail provider, Heine advises.“It needs to be identified as an approved sender,” he says. “For example, in Outlook, it would need to be added to the Safe Senders List.”The E-Reader Service is available only to subscribers who have supplied American Coin-Op with their e-mail address.“The easiest way (for a subscriber) to activate this service is to visit the magazine’s website and renew their subscription,” advises Heine.“Our new E-Reader Service joins our magazine, website — — and weekly Wire e-mail news updates to further strengthen our portfolio of resources dedicated to keeping our readers at the top of their trade,” Thompson says. 

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Bruce Beggs is editorial director of American Trade Magazines LLC, including American Coin-Op, American Drycleaner and American Laundry News. He was the editor of American Laundry News from November 1999 to May 2011. Beggs has worked as a newspaper reporter/editor and magazine editor since graduating from Kansas State University in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications. He and his wife, Sandy, have two children.


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