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Alliance Laundry Adds Quality Assurance Positions

Berton focuses on large-chassis products, Demotts small-chassis

RIPON, Wis. — Commercial laundry equipment manufacturer Alliance Laundry Systems has shared a staffing announcement that it says is designed to enhance its company’s industry-best customer experience.

In the North America service area, Alliance has created the position of quality assurance specialist. Tony Berton will take on the role focused on large-chassis products, and Scott Demotts assumes the same responsibilities for small-chassis products.

Both men are industry veterans. Berton has been with Alliance for 25 years, and Demotts has worked in the applicance industry for 30 years.

Quality is Alliance’s core operating principle, the company says. The new quality assurance roles are designed to improve the connectivity and communication between customers and critical functions within Alliance.

Berton and Demotts will collect and analyze feedback from customers to enhance efforts to improve product quality and preserve Alliance’s quality position in the marketplace.

Alliance’s brands include Speed Queen®, Huebsch®, UniMac®, IPSO® and Primus®, offering a full line of commercial washers, dryers and ironers.

Alliance Laundry Adds Quality Assurance Positions

Alliance Laundry Systems has created the position of quality assurance specialist, with Tony Berton (left) focusing on large-chassis products and Scott Demotts (right) focusing on the small-chassis. (Photos: Alliance Laundry System)

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