ACI Releases Guidelines on Labeling, Packaging of Liquid Laundry Packets


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Opportunity for coin laundries to remind patrons about safe use, storage

WASHINGTON — The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) has released a voluntary guidance document for the labeling and packaging of liquid laundry detergent packets to help reduce the number of children exposed to the product, the association reports.

The goal is to provide the laundry products industry best practices in the labeling, packaging and design of liquid laundry packets, ACI says.

“These recommendations are a part of ACI’s ongoing efforts to help reduce the number of accidental child exposures to the contents of highly concentrated liquid laundry detergent packets,” says Nancy Bock, ACI senior vice president of education. “This guidance is a priority for ACI to make sure that consumer safety information is clear, accessible and effective.”

The voluntary guidance has already been shared with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which ACI says it has consulted with, in distributing safety alert information to consumers, poison control centers, pediatricians and other medical professionals, educators and social service providers.

In 2013, ACI and a group of liquid laundry detergent packet manufacturers launched a multi-year consumer laundry safety program to educate consumers about safe storage and handling of liquid laundry packets.

The voluntary guidance document can be found at


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