StatShot: West Posts Strong September, Third-Quarter Sales

CHICAGO — September was a good month for coin laundry stores in the West, as owners posted the strongest gain in year-over-year sales among all regions, up 10%, according to results from this month’s American Coin-Op StatShot survey.

Store owners in the region also reported a big leap in third-quarter 2013 sales, up 11.1% from third quarter 2012.

“We have a lot of new construction, both commercial and industrial, in our area,” says a store owner in the West.

Survey: Country Split on August Coin-Op Sales, First-Half Profits

CHICAGO — Coin laundry owners in the West posted the largest gain among all regions in year-over-year sales in August, up 10.7%, according to results from this month’s American Coin-Op StatShot survey.

Midwest coin laundry owners also saw a jump in sales last month, up 4.8% over August 2012.

August didn’t treat operators in the South and Northeast as well, with both regions posting declines in year-over-year sales, down 5.6% and 3.5%, respectively.

StatShot: West Posts Strong July Sales, Reports Most Energy Efficient

CHICAGO — Three of the four regions posted year-to-year sales gains in July, with the West leading the way, according to this month’s American Coin-Op StatShot survey.

The West posted a 5.4% sales increase last month compared to July 2012. Also experiencing better year-to-year sales last month were the South, up 1.3% over July 2012, and the Northeast, up 0.9%.

The Midwest was the lone region to post lower comparative sales, down 0.7% from July 2012.

StatShot: West Leads June, Second-Quarter Coin Laundry Sales Gains

CHICAGO – Coin laundry owners in the West reported a June sales increase of 9.8% over June 2012 sales, the strongest amongst all regions, in this month’s American Coin-Op StatShot survey.

The Northeast and Midwest posted similar gains in year-over-year sales for June, up 4.8% and 4.7%, respectively. Operators in the South reported their June sales increased 1.5% over those of June 2012.

StatShot: Midwest Leads Gainers in May Coin Laundry Sales

CHICAGO — Operators in three of the four regions reported May sales increases compared to the prior year, led by the Midwest’s 8.7% gains, according to this month’s unscientific StatShot survey.

Nationally, operators saw month-to-month sales rise 2.4% compared to May 2012.

Sales in the West were up 3.7%, the third straight positive month there. May-to-May sales in the South were basically flat, rising just 0.3%. The Northeast was the only region to report a business slowdown, with monthly sales falling 2.3% from the previous May.


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