Great Lakes Commercial Sales 2014 MAYTAG SERVICE SCHOOLS & Business Seminars

May 13

RACING TO SUCCESS!  Register now for the Great Lakes Commercial Sales 2014 Maytag Service Schools & Business Seminars.  Our professional pit crew will pop the hoods on Maytag's most popular products- from late models to classics- for an inside look at how to maximize the life and performance of your laundry equipment!  In addition to the service schools, sit in on business seminars geared to helping you reach "victory row."  Special one day discounts on equipment, soap, carts and parts will also be available.  A "Grand Prix" lunch will be served, and there will be great prize giveaways!  Call today to register and pre-order your soap!  1-800-236-5599 or 312-835-5066 to register for the FREE event!

Tuesday, May 13th -   10am- 6pm

Waterford Banquet Center / Clarion Inn

933 South Riverside Drive, Elmhurst, IL

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933 South Riverside Dr.

Elmhurst, Wisconsin

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